chapter one

Chris and I met in our initial years of college.  I had attended a fashion trade school and he attended California State University of Northridge.  A mutual friend invited us to a house party where I would end up bringing my best friend too and setting her up with her now husband (and Chris’ best friend).  Months went by and as their relationship grew stronger, Chris and I ended up hanging out more.  It wasn’t until mid October when we both realized we were meant for each other.

Our love grew very strong and after 7 years of dating, Chris (finally, for those who know the story) popped the question.  We were engaged in Maui, HI.  We planned the most gorgeous wedding with all the details we could have dreamed of.  We were married in our hometown of Santa Clarita on May 22nd, 2010.

We currently reside in Burbank, CA. Who knew that two people from the same town, same high school, and same passion for love would end up together.

We invite you into our little world.  The world of budgeting, culture, life, buying our first home, our future kids, and all the quirks along its way; the Waycott way!